What are the benefits of a telescopic sliding gate?

Flexible applications in compact spaces, and more!
News | What are the benefits of a telescopic sliding gate?

Several solutions exist for closing an industrial or residential access point. Every hinged or sliding door solution must be carefully evaluated to fit the characteristics of the place of installation in addition to other specific needs. Sliding door solutions are normally appreciated for their high flexibility and the broader array of options that they provide for managing the passage of very large vehicles, especially in industrial settings. Different types of sliding gates are available to offer a range of solutions for each application.In particular, if manoeuvring space is limited, the ideal solution for closing large access points is the telescopic sliding gate. This solution makes it possible to minimise as much as possible the space occupied by the gate in the manoeuvring space.

Three different types of telescopic sliding gates are available:
• The most common has adjacent gate panels that slide on parallel tracks on the ground which allow the simultaneous movement of all panels (usually two or three). During the opening phase, the panels open to completely overlap one another.
• The second typology is the “telescope structure” with one panel that enters inside another panel. The advantage of this type with respect to the first is that it only requires one track on the ground and further reduces the space occupied when opened.
• There is also a third typology, which is the self-supporting telescopic gate, which differs from the other two because it does not have a track on the ground. This solution is particularly useful when the surface available is not uniform or when there is a constant passage of heavy equipment and vehicles.

HI-MOTIONS has designed a new accessory kit for the construction of telescopic sliding gates, specifically for the type that has a number of panels sliding on the same number of tracks on the ground.
The HI-MOTIONS kit has several strong points. The first is reducing the impact of occupied space to a minimum, and the second is the option of installing the gate with two fixing modes: inferior or lateral. To make the installer’s work easier, the company has made a video tutorial that explains the main installation phases of this solution easily and quickly.


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