New tools for professionals, the configurator and new website.

News | New tools for professionals, the configurator and new website.

Hi-Motions, like other companies in the group, caters to a highly professional group of users: gate manufacturers, locksmiths and door and window manufacturers.

Dedicated tools are necessary to promote the awareness of the range of solutions and systems. This is why we have spent the last two years restyling the configurator, and creating a new catalogue and coordinated website. These tools were designed to provide professionals with the most technical information possible.

The new configurator supplies all of the data necessary to design a self-supporting gate starting from simple information such as length and weight.

Users can explore each item and product category at any time through the help function. Therefore, not only does the user have help in finding the correct configurator, but they can also learn important things about the use of the various accessories that make up a self-supporting installation.

The user can also send an email containing the configuration, and request more information from the Hi-Motions sales office. Via dell'industria, 91 - 36030 Sarcedo (VI) Italy +39 0445 367536